Hugo Thuemler Manufacturing Co.

Thuemler Manufacturing Co.

Rochester, Beaver County, Pennsylvania. then moved to, 2nd National Bank Building, Sewickley, (again nr. Pittsburg(h),) Pennsylvania. United States.
Kunstmaler - Bierkrüge / Artist Decorator of beer steins

Hugo Thuemler was born in Germany in 1847. By 1894, he was living in Rochester, near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. In 1898 he was recorded as running a novelty, china & glass decoration company in Rochester. By 1901 he had relocated his studio to Sewickley, again near Pittsburgh, together with a sales outlet at 1507 Liberty Avenue, Pittsburgh. The majority of his business was supply of custom transfer decorated brewery steins and mugs to the breweries who used them liberally for publicity purposes. He did however supply other items, such as root beer mugs, whiskey jugs and many commemorative pieces, again all transfer decorated. Some of these were purchased from Knowles Taylor & Knowles (KT&K) of East Liverpool. He supplied O'Hara Dial with steins, decorated to order and fitted with special Manning Bowman Co. lids requiring inserts . Thuemler lived at a local hotel, "The Elmhust Inn" which is rumoured to have killed him with their cooking. He died in 1908, The company appears to have been omitted from the Pittsburg directories after this time. However steins were issued until at least 1913.

Reference: J.Sullivan   J.Sullivan II  J.Sullivan III

Thuemler Manufacturing Co. 18-11-15-1 Side view of stein in centre At least one Westerwald manufacturer also issued a stein celebrating this event.
Thuemler Manufacturing Co. 7 Brewery stein of Pabst of Milwaukee, dated 1898 - 1901. N.B. the transfer is on the front of the stein, German style,
Thuemler Manufacturing Co. 06 Base of the featured stein, dated 1898 to 1901. The annular rings are indicative of Thuemler manufacture.
(Hugo) Thuemler Manufacturing Co.2 Ink stamp, dated 1898 to 1901.
Thuemler Manufacturing Co.13-6-4-1 Unusual early 1898 - 1901 mark, complete with capacity measure 4/10 Litre, on the base of a Minneapolis Brewing Company stein, with transfer on the front, German style.
Thuemler Manufacturing Co. 11-3-18-1 Ink stamp on promotional stein giveaway made for F. A. Schwill & Son Co. Grain Suppliers, who were listed in 1889 as being at 104 Main Street, Cincinnati. Ohio.
Thuemler Manufacturing Co. 18-11-15-2 Thuemler Manufacturing Co. Beer Drivers Union 132. Ten fluid Ounce capacity. Dated 1913.
Thuemler Manufacturing Co. 11-2 Ink stamp of Thuemler on a 10 ounce stein with, what looks to me like, H.W.Spitz of Philadelphia, on a stein with the transfer decoration, advertising  Weger Brothers Export Dark Beer.
Thuemler Manufacturing Co.14-11-25-1 Later ink stamp, dated 1901 to 1908 showing "- Co., Ltd."
Thuemler Manufacturing Co. 13-5-18-1 Straight ink stamp of Thuemler on a 10 ounce stein, this time with a good view of the typical annular rings around the base.
Thuemler Manufacturing Co. 005 Thuemler steins only occasionally came with an identifier mark and never with a conventional capacity mark, but are sometimes marked "8", "10", "12" or "16". These are considered to be capacity measures in U.S. Fluid Ounces, So therefore:  8 U.S. Fluid Ounces = 0.237 litres 10 U.S. Fluid Ounces = 0.296 litres 12 U.S. Fluid Ounces = 0.355 litres 16 U.S. Fluid Ounces = 0.474 litres . 
Thuemler Manufacturing Co. 15-1-4-1 Unusual triangular inkstamp on "Independant, Burg Bräu" brewery stein, date unknown This stein does not have the annular base rings normal to Thuemler steins. 
Thuemler Manufacturing Co.19-10-28-1 Basemark on a Kuebeler-Stang Brewing Company, Sandusky, Ohio Pre-Prohibition mug.
Thuemler Manufacturing Co. 18-11-15-3Side view of stein in centreStein has no Thuemler Roundel on the base, but only the ten fluid ounce marking.
Thuemler Manufacturing Co. 19-4-29-2Franziskaner. Chicago, Illinois. Brewing and Malting Company. The transfer is on the front of the stein, German style,
Thuemler Manufacturing Co. 19-4-29-1 Later ink stamp, dated 1901 to 1908 showing "- Co., Ltd."
Thuemler Manufacturing Co. 05 Earlier ink stamp, dated 1901 to 1908, showing "- Co."
(Hugo) Thuemler Manufacturing Co. 1 Later ink stamp, dated 1901 to 1908 showing "- Co., Ltd."
Thuemler Manufacturing Co. 11-1 Later ink stamp, dated 1901 to 1908 showing "- Co., Ltd." This particular mark came from a stein celebrating the Pan-American Exposition, dated May - November, 1901.

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