(Simon Peter) Gilles & Sohn

Simon P. Gilles (& Sohn)

Mittelstraße 19, Höhr, Hesse-Nassau, Prussia. (now Höhr-Grenzhausen, Rhineland-Palatinate).
Steinzeugwarenhandlung / Stoneware wholesaler
Simon Peter Gilles (b.1878 - d.1965) founded his company in 1903. He merged with Matthias Girmscheid in 1920,
but went independent again around 1931. This company sold many steins with English text. Sales ceased in 1977.
In 1982 some of their patterns were sold by Zinngießerei Paul Seelgen , Höhr-Grenzhausen .

Reference: Westerwald Adressbuch  Twisted vine handles

Simon P. Gilles (& Sohn)14-7-6-2Post-war souvenir relief stein. Note the handle has a number of similarities to the earlier handle shown centrally.
Simon P. Gilles (& Sohn)14-7-6-1Impressed mark on the above featured stein.
Gilles (& Sohn) 2 Standard "SG" with straight Germany.
Simon P. Gilles (& Sohn) "SG" with offset S.
Simon P. Gilles (& Sohn) 11-4-15-1 "SG" with offset S, and straight Germany.
Simon P. Gilles (& Sohn) 12-4-24-1An advertisement from Führer durch Höhr, dated 1907
Simon P. Gilles (& Sohn) 15-7-12-1Handle unique to Simon Peter Gilles on a 1/2 litre stein #1782. This handle is also used on #1320, #1321 and others.
Simon P. Gilles (& Sohn) 20-2-20-1 Mark dated early 1950's.
Simon P. Gilles (& Sohn) "SG" with sloping S and Western Germany,  date 1949 - 1990.
Simon P. Gilles (& Sohn) 12-6-25-1 Modern mark, circa 1970's
Gilles (& Sohn) 3Commemoration of the founding of Boston, Massachusetts, also mentioning  Paul Revere & the Minute Men.
Simon P. Gilles (& Sohn) 13-11-28-1"SG" with offset S, and straight "Made in Germany".
Simon P. Gilles (& Sohn) 11-5-17-1 Unusual ink stamp "SG", together with mould #1862 and a straight "Germany".
Simon Peter Gilles & Sohn 1 "SG" with large S and curved "Made in Germany"  similar to Hanke.

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