St. Louis Silver Co.

St. Louis Silver Co.
207 then 118, Chestnut Street, St Louis City. Missouri. United States.
Silberschmied / Silversmiths
The company first appeared in the St Louis City directory in 1893 as the St Louis Silver Plate Company. Their stein production period, with all items marked St Louis Silver Co., stretched between 1904 and 1912. During this latter period the company moved to 118 Chestnut Street. The patent application of 1904/5 was written by Clarence M. Perkins. The company disappeared from the St Louis City directory in 1912.
Walt Vogdes 
St. Louis Silver Co. 2St Louis Silver Co. Quadruple plated. Mark showing the patent applied for in 1904 and issued on 1st 1905.
St. Louis Silver Co. 12-3-28-1 Stein made of Flemish Oak and quadruple silver plated base metal, made from 1904 and prior to the 1st August 1905. This example shows significant tarnishing of the silver
St. Louis Silver Co.12-3-29-2Manufacturer's touchmark on the underside of the quadruple silver plated lid on the featured stein.

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