Vaihingen auf den Fildern. Württemberg. (now Stuttgart-Vaihingen, Baden-Württemberg)
Zinngießerei / Pewterer
Known dates: 1896 - 1905
Purchased stein bodies from: Sachsenglas
M. Schiekofer 19-9-14-3 Schwabenbräu Brewery stein
M. Schiekofer 19-9-14-2 Cast lid on the Schwabenbräu Brewery stein
M. Schiekofer 19-9-14-1 Pewterer's touch mark on the underside of the above lid
M.Schiekofer 2 Pewterer's touchmark on underside of featured lid.
M.Schiekofer 1 Cast pewterer's mark.  
M.Schiekofer 3 M. Schiekofer lid on 6/20L Sachsenglas stein,  dated 1897 onward.
M.Schiekofer 4 Pewter lid on featured stein, advertising the Schwabenbräu Brewery, which was founded in 1878 by Robert Light in Stuttgart.  The Gernerbräu brewery of Munich,  commissioned a lid (below) in similar style, with a drinker holding a mug with GB on it and with a couple of musicians in the background.
M. Schiekofer 14-8-18-1

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