DK (name unknown)

D.K. (attributed to Carl Moos)
Munich, Bavaria
Entwerfer-K√ľnstler / Designer Artist
Carl Moos: Born 1878. Died 1959. Active 1908 - 1930.
Was more famous for his advertising posters and postcards.
Purchased stein bodies from: ?
DK 2Printed post card, originally painted by Carl Moos. His signature can be seen bottom left.  
DK 11 Litre stoneware stein, manufacturer unknown, with a transfer design as per the postcard, left. Marked Dk.31, which can just be seen in this image, below & right of the main tableau. A 1/2 litre stein also exists with the identical decoration, but has no decorators mark adjacent to the main tableau. Thought to be dated circa 1923.
DK 5Details of mark Dk.31 as described on featured stein picture, which can be seen just below & right of main tableau.
DK 4Basemarks on the 1 litre stein showing decoration mark D31/4.
DK 3Basemarks on the matching 1/2 litre stein showing decoration mark D31/1.

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