B. & D. (name unknown)

B. & D. (name unknown)

Address: ?


B & D appear to have three sizes, 1,2 & 3. 1. being 0.25 litre, 2. being 0.5 litre and 3. being 1.0 litre.

Purchased steins from: Reinhold Hanke   S.P. Gerz


B. & D. (name unknown) 13-3-27-4Basemark of featured stein (centre top). Steins marked #2, are about 5" tall, 
B. & D. (name unknown) 13-3-27-2 Basemark on a larger stein of identical straight sided pattern. Steins marked #3, are about 6" tall, 
B. & D. (name unknown) 13-11-1-1This time on a S.P.Gerz I blue and white stein, dated circa 1900.
B. & D. (name unknown) 13-8-23-1Simple blue and grey 0.3 litre stein, with double twin cobalt blue hoops and with a rolled end to the handle bottom, but no capacity mark, but plus an infrequently fitted flat pewter lid. 
B. & D. (name unknown) 13-3-27-5Barrel version of the B&D stein
B. & D. (name unknown) 13-3-26-1Basemark on an identical straight side stein, showing the sanserif "Germany." which confirms this was made by Reinhold Hanke. Steins marked #2, are about 5" tall, 
B. & D. (name unknown) 13-3-27-1 This time the Identical straight sided stein with an actual Reinhold Hanke mark.
B. & D. (name unknown) 13-8-23-2Another basemark found on a 0.25 litre version of the straight sided stein.

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