Karlsbad Porzellanfabrik Carl Knoll

Karlsbader Porzellanfabrik Carl Knoll
Fischern bei Karlsbad, Bohemia, Austro-Hungarian Empire. (now Ryb├íre a suburb of Karlovy Vary (Carlsbad), Czech Republic.)
Hersteller / Manufacturer
Founded by Carl Joseph Knoll in 1842, initially as a kaolin washing company, they received their licence to produce porcelain on the 17th August 1848. Carl died in 1868 and his sons, Adolf, Karel, and Ludvik took over the factory. They improved the product quality and introduced luxury painted goods. By 1903, only Karel was left, but he had three senior partners; the major shareholder being Anton Weber, followed by Wilhelm & Alfred Lorenz. By 1925 Karel had either retired or died. Ernst Mayer & Heinrich Endres had taken ownership by 1935. By 1944 Heinrich had died leaving his widow Mathilde as the second partner. The company was nationalised on the 1st January 1946, but no production took place due to the obsolescense of the machinery. The factory was finally closed in 1949.
Reference:  Karlovy Vary 
Karlsbader Porzellanfabrik Carl Knoll 14-4-19-1Base mark, dated 1900 - 1910, on the featured stein. showing a raised hexagon with one of the letters of the word PATENT in each of the six corners, complete with an intertwined "CK" inside a circle, in the centre.
Karlsbad Porzellanfabrik Carl Knoll 1Relief parien - porcelain stein #178,   with gilt highlights, dated 1900 - 1910.
Karlsbader Porzellanfabrik Carl Knoll 3Pictorial image of the hexagonal Carl Knoll mark, shown opposite.
Karlsbader Porzellanfabrik Carl Knoll 12-12-10-1Mark on the base of one piece in a tea service, decoration no. #43

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