Ernst March (Söhne in 1863) Thonwaaren-Fabrik

Ernst March (Söhne) Thonwaaren-Fabrik
Charlottenburg. Berlin, Prussia (now the Federal City State of Berlin).
Hersteller / Manufacturer 
Known dates: Ernst March. Born 1798. Died 1847. 
The factory was founded in 1836. They ceased production of home-wares in 1899, with the factory finally closing in 1934. 
Ernst March was apprenticed to Nicolas Villeroy of Wallerfangen, finally becoming work's manager & then spent five years at Paul Utzschneider's factory. 
His eldest son, Paul March was born in 1830 and died in 1903. He joined the company in 1852. When his younger brother joined the company in 1863, 
the company name was changed to Ernst March Söhne Thonwaaren-Fabrik, Charlottenburg.
The following designer designed the pottery for Ernst March: Ludwig Foltz II
References: Berlin Postcodes  Berliner Adressbücher 

Ernst March (Söhne) Thonwaaren-Fabrik 19-5-09-1Top of Planter (Base Missing?) Dated 1863 - 1899. Diameter 610mm and height 520mm
Ernst March (Söhne) Thonwaaren-Fabrik 1Sample page of the Ernst March (Söhne) Catalogue,Date 2nd half of the 19th Century.
Ernst March (Söhne) Thonwaaren-Fabrik 19-5-09-2Basemark on the inside of the Top of Planter (As shown left)

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