Heinrich Waffler

Heinrich Waffler I, II & III / Waffler & Maderholz
Reichenbach am Regen, Schwarzenfeld, Regensburg & Hirschau. Bavaria.
Hersteller / Manufacturer.
The Waffler family was in the pottery business between 1826 to 1918. Heinrich Waffler I co-founded the original Dorfner company, which he left in 1833. He was located in a redundant monastery in Reichenbach am Regen between 1841 - 1863. Heinrich Waffler II was born 1841.The company of Fritz Thenn & Co. plus some of the original Dorfner & Co's assets including moulds, were aquired in 1894. Heinrich Waffler III took over in 1908. He sold out to Tonwarenfabrik AG. Schwandorf in 1918.
Reference: Heimatforschung
Heinrich Waffler I , II & III / Waffler & Maderholz 11 / 2L beer stein, no. 211.  Decorated with six views of Regensberg, which includes the river Danube with views of the Cathedral, St. James's Gate and the Bridge Gate prior to rebuilding. Impressed mark "H. Waffler". Dated by architectural changes to the relevant buildings, between 1869 and 1902. Note the capacity mark on the front top lip, as is common on other Regensberg steins.

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