Fritz Dietz

Fritz Dietz vormals J.C.Schirmer / Fritz Dietz / Hans Dietz

Grabengaße 2, Hauptstraße 149 & 138, Heidelberg, Baden (now Baden-Württemberg)
Buchbinderei und Schreibwarenhandlung / Book binders & stationery suppliers
The business was founded in 1892 by Fritz Dietz working out of his residence at Grabengaße 2, until 1896, when he purchased the similar business of Joseph Carl Schirmer. This was just around the corner at Hauptstraße 149, which is adjacent to the old Heidelberg University. He also purchased Hauptstraße 138, in 1900, and moved the business there in the following year, at the same time changing the company name back to Fritz Dietz. In 1904 he became a Master Bookbinder and over the years expanded his product range to cover picture framing, fashion accessories, jewellery and other luxury items. Finally in 1922, he included office products. There was no market after the mid 1920's for luxury items, so he reduced his range to his original two core products. His son, Hans came into the business around 1923 / 24. Fritz must have retired around 1930, since book-binding disappeared from the product range. Also the business was listed in Hans's name between 1931 & 1933, but curiously reverted back to Fritz in 1934. The business closed in 1938, with Hans moving to Mannheim-Weisenau. He initially rented the shop in 1939, to antiques dealers, Kurt & Anna Winnikes, but in 1943, Anna Winnikes purchased the freehold.
Purchased steins from: ?
Heidelberger Adressbücher

Fritz Dietz 2 Student stein lid, dated 1904. The Wappen is identical to the one shown on the featured stein.
Fritz Dietz 1 Signature on Student stein lid, dated 1904.  
Fritz Dietz vormals J.C.Schirmer / Fritz Dietz / Hans Dietz 18-8-1-1Student stein, Corp Rhenania? "B.D.St. sei's Panier""Mit Gott für Kaiser n. Reich"Probably by Reinhold Merkelbach
Fritz Dietz vormals J.C.Schirmer / Fritz Dietz / Hans Dietz 18-8-1-3Side view of featured stein, showing the date of 1905.
Fritz Dietz vormals J.C.Schirmer / Fritz Dietz / Hans Dietz 18-8-1-2 Decorator's signature on the stein base.

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