Max Berger
Ziegelstraße 3, (N24)* & Friedrichstraße 127 (N24)*, Berlin, Prussia (now the Federal City State of Berlin).
Studentenmützen und sämtliche Studentenartikel sowie Uniformen. / S
tudents' caps and all students' requisites as well as uniforms.
Founded in 1920 at Ziegelstraße 3, he moved c.1934 to Friedrichstraße 127, where he sold mainly uniforms until his last recorded date of 1937.
*With the change to Berlin post codes in 1937, N24 became NW7.
Purchased stein bodies from: Villeroy & Boch - Mettlach
Reference: Berliner Adressbücher  Berlin Postcodes

Max Berger 4 Artist's Signature & address, "Berlin N24", on featured unmarked stein 
M.Berger 2 Artist's Signature & address, "Berlin N24",  on Villeroy & Boch - Mettlach, dated 1925.  
Max Berger 3
Max BergerStudent stein, dated Easter 1931. "Ekkehard sei's panier!" "Treu ist das Gold der Vaterlandsliebe!"
Max Berger 5 Side panel on featured stein above, dated Easter 1931.
Max Berger 13-9-4-2"Lietzenburg sei's Panier" Student lid mounted on a Sachsenglas dimpled stein.
Max Berger 13-9-4-1 Underside of featured lid above, dated 5th August 1920.

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