Paul Kahl

Paul Kahle
Straßburg, Elsaß-Lothringen, German Empire. (now Strasbourg, Alsace, France)
Künstler Malerei / Artist Painter
Known dates: 1900
Purchased stein bodies from: ?
Paul Kahl 3Magnification of Paul Kahle's signature from the picture shown on right.
Paul Kahl 1The Imperial Palace, Straßburg, Elsaß-Lothringen, image taken from a photo dated 1890 - 1900.Known as the Palais du Rhin, Strasbourg, Alsace - Lorraine from 1920. "In memory of my service time in Straßburg"
Paul Kahl 2 Ladies in Alsatian national dress,  and signed by Paul Kahle, Straßburg

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