Peter / W.P.Kipper

Wilhelm Peter Kipper

Pariserstraße 24, Metz, Elsaß-Lothringen, German Empire. (now Metz, Lorraine, France)

Zinngießerei und Porzellanmalerei / Pewterer and Porcelain decorator

Founded by W.P. Kipper in 1908 with a product range of military articles, whistling heads, cups, jugs & reservists memorabilia. In 1922 they had 12 employees working in a decoration studio, a pewter foundry together with three wood fired muffle ovens. Authorized officer: Waldemar Georg. Thought to have closed sometime after 1922.

Purchased stein bodies from: ?


WP Kipper 20-12-1-1Cast Pewter Mark on "stacked bullet" lid on Regimental representing the 5th Lothringen Infantry Regiment, attached to the 33rd Division of the 16th Army Corp. Dated 1913. Wilhelm Peter Kipper in Metz

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