Ferdinand Kramer

Lauerstrasse 10, Neckarstaden 16, Heidelberg. Baden. (now Baden-Württemberg)
Porzellan- und Glasmalerei, Spezialität Wappen jeder Art auf Glas, Porzellan, Holz und Leder.
Porcelain & glass decorator specialising in coats of arms of every kind on glass, porcelain, wood, leather

Founded 1889 in the back street address of Lauerstrasse 10. Circa 1918 he moved to the main river front road, Neckarstaden 16.
Unfortunately, between 1922 & 1924 he died, leaving a widow who did not continue the business.

Purchase stein bodies from: ?
Reference: Heidelberger Adressbücher

F. Kramer 2Inked signature on student stein dated 1905
F. Kramer 1Student stein, dated 1905.
Ferdinand Kramer 3Directory advert dated 1890. Page VII (Click to enlarge)

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