Otto Blum

Otto Blum
Rathausstraße 104 a.k.a.Hauptstraße 142, Rheinstraße 142 & Hermann-Geisenstraße 64/68, Grenzhausen, Hesse-Nassau, Prussia.
(now Höhr-Grenzhausen, Rhineland-Palatinate).
Steinzeugfabrikant / Stoneware manufacturer

Wilhelm Johann Blum began producing blue-grey salt-glazed stoneware at Rathausstraße 104, Grenzhausen in 1861. His son, Otto entered the business when very young and ran the company after his father's death. In the early 1890's he married Berthe Zöller who owned property at Hermann-Geisenstraße 64, Grenzhausen. Otto moved the business there and changed the company name to Otto Blum in 1893. In 1910 he also operated out of Rheinstraße 142. Berthe died and Otto married again, this time to Karolina Heuss. Their second son Karl, after returning from the war attended the Ceramic Engineering School in Höhr. After Otto's death in 1933, Karl took over the company and produced a wide range of salt-glazed items including beer steins. They struggled through the 1930's, then produced war related ceramic items 1939 - 1945. After this, Karl Blum again expanded the company supplying companies such as Rastal with undecorated stoneware. Frau Blum reported that all pre-war production was unmarked. Karl Blum died in 1977. Erica Blum took over for one year and then leased out the company to a Herr Hans Fetz.
The company ceased trading sometime after 1986.
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Otto Blum 12-5-7-1 Salted glazed reproduction of a turn of the century Jugendstil piece, dated 1949 - 1986.
Otto Blum 12-5-7-2 Ink stamp basemark on the post-war featured stein above.
Otto Blum 3 This mark probably between 1945 - 1986. Mould #241.
Otto Blum 18-9-27-1 "Handarbeit, Otto Blum" Cursive font. 
Otto Blum 13-2-23-1 Impressed basemarks. 
Otto Blum 13-2-22-2Salt glazed reproduction of a turn of the century Jugendstil piece, dated 1949 - 1986.
Otto Blum 13-2-22-1Ink stamp basemark on the post-war featured stein above.
Blum 20-2-11-2 Brewery stein, Wagner Keller, Salzburg, Austria. Probably commissioned for its opening in 1929.
Blum 20-2-11-1 Impressed OB for Otto Blum together with decorator's mark, Adolf Stockhammer on the Wagner Keller stein, Note the single M with macron above, denoting Stockhammer with double M.
Otto Blum 15-4-3-4Schnaps serving jug manufactured by Otto Blum, for Friedrich Hassbach of Neuwied am Rhein, a distilling company. The medallion reads,Trinke und Bleibe Ewig-Jung. " Drink and stay young forever".
Otto Blum 15-4-3-2 FRIEDRICH HASSBACH, GEGR. 1818 zu , NEUWIED a RHEIN, Inhalt 0,7L under the handle. Available in other sizes, including 0.25 litre.
Otto Blum 15-4-3-1 Basemark on featured stein above. 
Otto Blum 2 This mark probably between 1945 - 1986.

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