August Roeseler

August Roeseler
Munich, Bavaria.
KünstlerErläuterer / Artist Illustrator
Known dates: Born:Hamburg in 1866. Spent working life and died: Munich in1934. Active early 1900's
Companies utilising hisdesigns: Villeroy & Boch - Mettlach,
Marzi & Remy
Reference: Lyn Ayers

August Roeseler 17-1-3-3Konigsliche Hofbräuhaus lid on featured stein
August Roeseler 17-1-3-2Marzi & Remy base mark on featured stein
August Roeseler 17-1-3-1Boy swilling beer with the twin dogs  Schnick and Schnack begging for a taste.
August Roeseler 1August Roeseler's signature on a painting.
August Roeseler 3August Roeseler's initials on featured stein
August Roeseler 2 August Roeseler's initials on another stein

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