Emanuel von Seidl

Emanuel von Seidl
Architekt / Architect. 
Known dates: Born 1856. Died 1919. Active 1906 - 1908
Taught at the School of Applied Crafts (Kunstgewerbeschule) in Munich, 1887 - 1891.
Marzi & RemyBrĂ¼der Thannhauser
Reference: Wikipedia

Emanuel von Seidl 1Marzi & Remy #6116, this octagonal piece was designed by E. v.Seidl, for the Bayerische Gewerbeausstellung (Bavarian Trade Fair) of 1906.  It comes in stoneware, pewter and pressglass versions, with various decorations. This decoration was possibly by Franz Ringer for the Bayerische Gewerbeausstellung 1912. Martin Pauson commissioned a similar design but with a decagonal pressglass stein with triangular facets. The flat Pauson lid is very similar to Seidl's design.

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