Glazer Sohn

Glaser & Sohn / 1. Dresdner Medaillenmünze Glaser & Sohn GmbH

Borngaße 5, Alt Dresden. Schützenhofstraße 38, Österreicher Straße 61, Dresden-Laubegast. Eibauer Straße 18, Dresden, Saxony

Gravier-, Präge- und Stanzarbeiten für Massenartikel, Emaillier-Atelier und Wappenmalerei, außerdem Studentische Waffen- und Couleurartikel.
Engraving, embossing, mass produced punched items, enameling shop, coat of arms decoration plus student's weapons and student's items & regalia.
Founded on the 1st January 1868 by Moritz Glaser and his son Richard, at Borngaße 5 (near today's Pirnaischen Platz). They were very successful, with their customer list including King Friedrich August III of Saxony. Moritz died in 1886. Running up to 1914, the company employed around thirty people. In 1918, Richard's son, John joined the company, but died within the year and was replaced by his sister Martha Römer. Then in 1924, Richard died of pneumonia and left the company to Martha & her husband, Richard Römer. Unfortunately the Römer's lost their son in 1943 on the eastern front and Richard was killed during the February 1945 bombing of Dresden. Also their Borngaße factory was completely destroyed along with most of the old city. The newly widowed Martha, together with her daughter and her new husband, Günther Exner, started to rebuild the ruined business, originally at Schützenhofstraße 38, then in 1949, at Österreicher Straße 61, Dresden-Laubegast. Martha died in 1952. In 1972, the name "Glaser & Sohn" temporarily disappeared when the company was nationalised, but with Günther Exner's son Ralf remaining in charge. With the reunification of Germany in 1989 the company became re-privatised as 1.Dresdner Medaillenmünze Glaser & Sohn GmbH. Finally in 1996 they moved to their current address at Eibauer Straße 18,
Ralf Exner is still managing the company today, which now mainly manufactures coins and medals.
Purchased stein bodies from: ?
Reference: Glaser & Sohn  Medaillenmünze  SLUB Dresden  Saxony Address books

Glaser & Sohn / 1. Dresdner Medaillenmünze Glaser & Sohn GmbH 12-4-18-2Lid mounted on a Tübingen hedgehog glass stein, Dated Summer Semester 1897. 
Glaser & Sohn / 1. Dresdner Medaillenmünze Glaser & Sohn GmbH 12-4-18-1The underside of a Tübingen hedgehog glass stein lid above, dated Summer Semester 1897. 
Glazer & Sohn 4Student stein, dated 1903.
Glazer Sohn 3Featured student stein (left) base, dated 1903.

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