Hachiya Brothers

Hachiya Brothers Company
Manufacturer / Exporter
Known dates: 1970's
Reference: Character Steins
Hachiya Brothers Company 20-11-15-3 Inebriated Golfer #51688 (CO-52) front view.
Hachiya Brothers Company 20-11-15-2 Inebriated Golfer #51688 (CO-52) side view.
Hachiya Brothers Company 20-11-15-1Paper label on the base of the  Inebriated Golfer #51688 (CO-52).
Hachiya Brothers 11-9-29-1Hachiya Brothers ink stamp,  which is remarkably similar to the coat of arms  shown below, together with the importer, A.A Importing Co. 7700 Hall Street, St Louis. Missouri,  who also imported from Albert Jacob Thewalt
Hachiya Brothers 0010 The coat of arms of Staffordshire  The primary pottery region of the U.K. 
Hachiya Brothers 04 Distributor of "Hachiya" steins showing aluminised label, on the base of stein, for Giftcraft. 8550 Airport Road, Brampton, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. U.S. offices in Williamsville, Grand Island & Tonawanda, all in New York State.
Hachiya Brothers09 Generic " Made in Japan" label, on base of "Hachiya" stein.
Hachiya Brothers 11-4-12-2Bearded Pixie #51685 (CO-50)
Hachiya Brothers 11-4-12-1Distributors label on Bearded Pixie  
Hachiya Brothers 4 Distributor of "Hachiya" steins showing aluminised label, on the base of Mallard duck stein. Having immigrated from Japan in 1917, Hide Naito opened a Portland import business in 1921 which became the Norcrest China Company in 1958. The family business was run by sons Sam (b.1921-?) and Bill (b.1926-d.1996). Norcrest China closed in 2004. 
Hachiya Brothers 010 Another "Hachiya" distributor, John Kent of New York bought a batch of steins in 1972.

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