Royal Doulton

Doulton / Royal Doulton
Lambeth, London and Nile Street, Burslem, Staffordshire, Great Britain.
Manufacturing founded in Lambeth, London, in 1853. They took over an additional existing facility in Burslem in 1882.
Granted a Royal Charter they became Royal Doulton in 1901. Ceased trading in their own right in 2006.
Reference: The Potteries  Chinafinders  Royal Doulton

Royal Doulton 11-9-7-1 Large Royal Doulton Server #5238,  dated 1902 onward, designed by Florrie Jones.
Royal Doulton 11-9-7-2 Impressed marks on the base of large Royal Doulton Server #5238, dated 1902 onward,  FJ for Florrie Jones.
Royal Doulton 18-1-22-3 Lidded serving tankard, dated 1876 Made by Edith D. Lupton of Doulton, Lambeth.
Royal Doulton 18-1-22-2 Silver plated hinged lid, featuring an engraved dragon rampant holding a downward facing arrow.
Royal Doulton 18-1-22-4 "EDL" for Edith D Lupton, worked for Doulton's, circa 1875 to 1890. This particular item was made in 1876. The paper label would indicate that this tankard was part of the Harriman Judd collection, which was auctioned in New York & London, in January 2001.
Doulton / Royal Doulton 18-5-30-5Olive green stein with blue and white florets.1/2 litre capacity mark on stein front.
Doulton / Royal Doulton 18-5-30-3 Side view of above stein. The "red seen is this photo is a reflection of its surroundings, the true colour being Olive Green.
Doulton / Royal Doulton 18-5-30-2 Mark on the stein above is dated for 1880 - 1902, although after 1891 "England" was included. It is assumed that the date of this piece is 1881.
Doulton / Royal Doulton 18-5-30-1 On the other side of the base above is the mark "EP" for Emily Partington, who worked as a designer at Doultons from 1876-1912.
Royal Doulton 001 Doulton of Lambeth impressed mark  c/w the mark of the Munich importer Thierry & Breul, dated 1866 - 1869.
Doulton / Royal Doulton 18-8-16-2A ceramic representation of a copper pitcher, #4765 dated 1902 onward, designed by Florrie Jones.
Doulton / Royal Doulton 18-8-16-1Impressed marks on the base of simulated copper pitcher,  #4765, dated 1902 onward, FJ for Florrie Jones.
Royal Doulton 6German style stein made between 1869 and 1872, presumably made for export. N.B. the capacity mark is at the front, with no line between the one and two and in litres NOT pints. Stein was probably lidded in Germany.
Royal Doulton 07Mark from featured German style stein made between 1869 and 1872.
Doulton 2Mark from German style stein made between  1869 and 1872.

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