F.H. (Hans) Wacker (-Elsen)
Düsseldorf. North Rhine-Westphalia
Kunstmaler / Artist-decorator
Known dates: Born 21st December 1868 in Düsseldorf -  Died 26th March 1958 in Ferch am Schwielowsee, near Potsdam.
Active 1902 - 1903
Purchased stein bodies from: Albert Jacob Thewalt.  Simon Peter Gerz 1
Reference: Wikipedia

F.H. (Hans) Wacker (-Elsen) 16-4-8-3Side view of featured stein, dated 1902.
F.H. (Hans) Wacker (-Elsen) 16-4-8-5           Manufacturer's base mark on featured stein above, Simon Peter Gerz 1.
F.H. (Hans) Wacker (-Elsen) 16-4-8-1Regiment No. 5 Düsseldorf 5th Squadron Westphalian Ulan. 1899 - 1902.
F.H. (Hans) Wacker (-Elsen) 16-4-8-4 Decorator's signature on the lower handle attachment of the featured stein.
F.H. (Hans) Wacker (-Elsen) 16-4-8-2Side view of featured stein. (Unfortunately the mounted Ulan is missing from the lid top.)
F H WaikerSignature of decorator on A.J. Thewalt based Regimental, dated 1903.

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