T. Eaton

Timothy Eaton
178, then 190, 192,194, 196 Yonge Street, Toronto, Ontario, & 320 Portage Avenue, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Importeur / Importer
The company was founded in Toronto in 1869, by Timothy Eaton
The Winnipeg store was opened later, on the 15th July, 1905, after which time all items were marked Toronto & Winnipeg.
After various attempts to restructure the company, it was declared bankrupt in 1999
Steins were supplied by: Reinhold Hanke #1424, #1600 / Steinzeugwerke
Reference: Wikipedia

Timothy Eaton 16-9-15-2Reinhold Hanke #1600, dated prior to 15th July 1905.
Timothy Eaton 16-9-15-1Basemark on Reinhold Hanke #1600, (left) dated prior to 15th July 1905.
T. Eaton 11-1 Reinhold Hanke #1424, Hops lady, plagiarised from the Schierholz piece, dated prior to 15th July 1905.
T. Eaton 11-2 Impressed mark on featured "Hops Lady" stein.
T.Eaton 1Basemark dated after the 15th July, 1905.
Hauber und Reuther 21-10-21-3 Hauber & Reuther #488
Hauber und Reuther 21-10-21-2 Hauber and Reuther, #488, front view, pottery made by Merkelbach & Wick, and decorated by Hauber & Wick, dated from latter part of 1886 to 1897, and subsequently sold by Eaton's of Toronto, Canada.

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