G. Hugel

G. Hugel
Zinngie├čerei / Pewterer
Known dates: 1870's
Purchased stein bodies from: Borho, Zinkl & Thenn - Regensburg
G. Hugel 2"Gambrinus" relief stein by the Borho, Zinkl or Thenn partnerships of Regensburg, who were in business between 1874 & 1886. This stein is early production from around 1874 to 1877. N.B. The capacity mark is at the front, further denoting a Regensburg stein.
G. Hugel 3Punch mark on underside of lid on featured stein, dated between 1874 - 1877.
G. Hugel 15-9-6-1Image shows the insert of the pewter lid on the featured stein (right), "Zum Hochzeitstag" For the Wedding Day
G. Hugel 1Punched mark on underside of a pewter lid
G. Hugel 15-9-6-3Porcelain stein commissioned for a wedding
G. Hugel 15-9-6-2G. Hugel's mark including an eagle and what looks like "Rein Zinn" over the top, all on the underside of the rim of the lid on the above featured stein.

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