Karl Wittman - Heidelberg

Karl Wittmann / Karl Wittmann Witwe
Schiffgaße 4, Hauptstrasse 1, Akademiestraße 1, Hauptstraße 42 & Leopoldstraße (now Friedrich-Ebert-Anlage) 24 & 25, Heidelberg, Baden (now Baden Württemberg)
Goldschmiedemeister und Studenten-Artikel / Master goldsmith and student items and regalia.
The business was founded as a jewellers in 1900 in Schiffgaße 4. He moved into the more prestigious Hauptstraße 1, in 1902, followed by another move in 1905, just off the High Street, to Akademiestraße 1. His next move was virtually next door to Hauptstraße 42, in 1908. Finally in 1910, he moved down to the other end of the Akademiestraße towards the park, to two properties opposite each other in Leopoldstraße (Friedrich-Ebert-Anlage), numbers 24 & 25, one being the family home, with the business in the other, until the business's closure c.1939. When Karl Wittmann died c.1924/5, his business continued, but with more emphasis on the student market, by his widow, as Karl Wittmann Witwe.
Heidelberger Adressbücher  Leopoldstraße

K.Wittmann 1

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