Fachschule Höhr

 (Königliche / Staatliche) Keramische Fachschule. Höhr.
Am Scheidberg 6, Höhr, Hesse-Nassau, Prussia. (now Höhr-Grenzhausen. Rhineland Palatinate).
Fachschulen für Keramikgestaltung und Keramiktechnik / Technical College for Ceramics Design and Technology
The college was founded in 1879 by the 
"Preußischen Ministerium für Handel und Gewerbe" (Prussian Ministry of Trade and Industry), with the aim of training people to work in the local stoneware industry. They set up workshops and kilns in the 1890's.  Paul Wynand took over from Ernst Barlach as instructor and professor at the college from May 1905 though to the 30th April 1910. After 1918, the prefix Königliche became Staatliche due to the abdication of Kaiser Wilhelm II. It is still operating today.
Produced designs for: Steinzeugwerke, #H2459(2.0Ltr), #H2487(2.0Ltr), #H2496b(2.0Ltr), #H2496c(1.25Ltr), #H2501(2.0Ltr), #H2496a(4.0Ltr),
Reference: Keramische Fachschule Höhr  Uni-Heidelberg  Uni-Heidelberg 2

(Königliche) Fachschule. Höhr. 2Impressed mark on the base of featured Punch Bowl.  
(Königliche) Fachschule, Höhr. 1Punch Bowl circa 1920.

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