Porzellanfabrik Victoria

Schmidt & Co. / Porzellanfabrik Victoria

Altrouhlau bei Karlsbad, Bohemia, Austria. (now Stara Role nr. Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic)
Hersteller / Manufacturer
Founded in 1883 by Lazarus and Rosenfeld Ltd.  Franz Schmidt purchased the company two years later and it became the largest porcelain factory of the time. In 1893, the U.K. office was run by A.& B. Rosenfeld. The pieces manufactured were utility products and at the time were not thought to have any artistic value. However, the company produced many pieces that are of very high quality and great artistic merit. In 1945, the Victoria Porcelain Company and the Altrohlau Porcelain Company were merged with the EPIAG (Erste Böhmische Porzellan Industrie), the letters AG are the German term for "& Co". becoming part of the state owned porcelain industry of Starorolský Porcelán. Then in 1958 it became Karlovarský Porcelán Stará Role II. The factory has been a training facility since 1970. Today it is part of Thun Karlovarský Porcelán.

Schmidt & Co. / Porzellanfabrik Victoria 14-1-30-1Another artwork example on the same body and with the same lid. The handle can be used as an identifier, Also note that in this case, the tableau is on the side as opposed to the front (away from the handle) as is normal on German steins. Perhaps this was customer choice?
Schmidt & Co. / Porzellanfabrik Victoria 14-1-30-2 Inkstamp basemark on the above stein. There would appear to be some impressed marks that look like #116.
Schmidt & Co. / Porzellanfabrik Victoria 18-9-14-1 Thirsty Cat, Ceramic match striker.
Vicky1Stein, dated between 1891 & 1918.
Schmidt & Co. / Porzellanfabrik Victoria 18-9-14-2 Basemark on the underside of the Thirsty Cat.
Schmidt & Co. / Porzellanfabrik Victoria 1Side view of featured stein. In this case the tableau is on the front.
Schmidt & Co. / Porzellanfabrik Victoria 2 Ink stamp on base of featured stein, centre & right,  dated between 1891 & 1918.
Porzellanfabrik Victoria 20-2-11-1

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