Charles H. Dudley

Charles H. Dudley Inc.
Hanover, New Hampshire, United States.
Fine athletic goods and men's furnishings. Outfitters to Dartmouth  College.
Known dates 1918 - 1926
Charles H Dudley 2Great Seal of Dartmouth College  Hanover, N.H. on the obverse of the featured stein.
Charles H Dudley 1"Souvenir of Dartmouth College". This 0.4Ltr stein  Gebruder Dorfner stein, would have been made to order. There is provenance dating it to 1926.
Charles H. Dudley 3Penned mark showing vendor's name, complete with "Made in Germany" roundel of Gebrüder Dorfner  "Charles H. Dudley" of Hanover.
Charles H. Dudley Inc. 4 Invoice, dated September 16th, 1921,

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