J. Seidel

J. Seidl
Rosenheimerstraße (now Rosenheimer Straße) 119, Munich, Bavaria
Porzellanmalerei / Porcelain decorators
Known dates: 1912-1913
Purchased steins from:

J. Seidl 16-8-28-2"North German Club 1912"
J. Seidl 16-8-28-1Handpainted signature on featured stein, left.
J. Seidel 2 Handpainted signature on featured stein, right.
J. Seidel 1 Stein dedicated to the organisation started by Turnvater Jahn with the 4F motto "Frisch, Fromm, Fröhlich und Frei" or  "Fresh, Free, Happy and Pious, dated August 1913. 

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