Three Crowns China

South Bend, Indiana, United States.
Importeur / Importer
In 1884 John H. Roth entered the ceramics trade as a clerk for the C. E. Wheelock Pottery Company in South Bend, Indiana.The business name of John H. Roth & Co. came to be when he sold his equity at Wheelocks in 1909.
Three Crown China is a mark introduced by Unger & Schilde of Roschütz, Thuringia, Germany. It was specific to items imported and distributed by Jon H. Roth (trademark 'Jonroth') from South Bend, Indiana between 1909 and 1916. The mould and decoration types of these items are mostly combinations of moulds and decorations normally used by U&S, Hermann Ohme and Kuno Steinmann.


3 crowns China 2
3 Crowns China 1 A scene of the Henkersbrücke and Wasserturm in Nürnberg.
Three Crowns China 18-4-10-1
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