Heinrich Estorff (Geschwister Clara u. Marga Estorff)

Lindenstraße 91 then Lindenstraße 79 (SW), Steglitzerstraße 57 / Ludendorffstraße 77 (W until 1902) & (W35 from 1903), Berlin, Prussia. (now the Federal City State of Berlin) .
Dekorations- und Zimmermaler / Decorative room
 painter - murals and Trompe-l'oeil.

Heinrich Estorff was an established artist, specialising in murals and Tromp-l'oeil on public buildings. He started working from Lindenstraße 91, Berlin SW, in 1875. By 1880 he had moved to Lindenstraße 79. In 1889, he moved again, this time purchasing Steglitzerstraße
57, in the Tiergarten District, Berlin W. From 1907 this address was more specifically called Steglitzer Straße 57, Berlin W35, but from 1933, although the official name remained the same, the street was often seen written as Steglitz Straße. On the 7th March 1936 Steglitzer Straße was renamed Ludendorffstraße. 
Meanwhile in 1926 Heinrich had retired, but in 1927 probably died because his daughters Clara and
Marga took over the ownership of both the premises and the business. 
The company name now included Geschwister (or siblings) in its title. The 1937 address book was the first to show their address as Ludendorffstraße 77, (which became Pohlstraße
, on the 31st July 1947). Therefore their premises in Steglitzerstraße, Ludendorffstraße and Pohlstraße remained in the same place, but with the street names and house numbers changed. Digitised records are currently not available after 1943, so their future after this date is unknown.

Purchased steins from:
L.Thannemann et Cie
Reference: Berliner Adressbücher   Berlin Postcodes  SteveonSteins

Esdorff 2 Impressed "Patent" together with impressed mould number "63" added at the "green" pottery stage.  The ink stamp of the vendor has been added to the  base of the featured stein, after the purchase of the finished product. This item is marked Ludendorffstraße 77, which name only came into existence on the 7th March 1936. It is not known whether the stein was new, when the inkstamp was applied.
Esdorff 3 This stoneware stein was probably made by Dümler & Breiden or Reinhold Hanke It was copper coated and sold on by L. Thannemann. There is no coating on the inside.

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