Hubert Schiffer

Raeren, near Liège, Belgium.
Hersteller / Manufacturer.
Known dates: 1886

Schiffer 6  2 Albrecht von Brandenburg, Erzbischof (Archbishop) und Kurfürst von Mainz, 1490-1545.  
Schiffer 7 3 Brother of 2,  Joachim I, Kurfürst von Brandenburg, 1484-1535. 
Schiffer 3 4 Son of 3,  Joachim II, Kufürst von Brandenburg, 1505-1571. 
Schiffer 4 5 Albrecht, Markgraf v. Brandenburg, 1490-1568, (aka Albrecht of Prussia, not to be confused with the other Albrecht von Brandenburg).
Schiffer 1 This stein, #1, identified by Dr. Roy De Selms is by Hubert Schiffer of Raeren, Belgium who operated after 1885.  This stein is probably a very true copy of an early Raeren piece made by Wilhelm Menniken. The cartouches around the body of the jug (shown on left), are of four members of a branch of the Hohenzollern dynasty.
Schiffer 5 1 The initials "W. M." are for Wilhelm Menniken, one of the famous Menniken family of master potters working in Raeren until about the 1580's when they moved to Grenzau and then to Grenzhausen.
Schiffer 2 Impressed mark  on the base of stein #1, as interlaced "S" & "H". Shrinkage fissures in the #1 moulding shows that the firing process had yet to be perfected.
W. Schloemer 1 The lid is original to the jug and marked "W. Schloemer Aachen", but is not in the style of an original 17th century lid and does not have any significant relationship to the jug itself. The inscription on the lid (fig. 2) translates to: "For the 200 year Jubilee of the Marksman Society of Gräfenthal from the Military & Land Protection Club,  15-16 August 1886".
Hubert Schiffer 13-12-15-1 Bartmannkrug or Bellamine jug #33, date circa 1900.
Hubert Schiffer 13-12-15-2 Impressed mark #33 on base of Bartmannkrug or Bellamine jug above,
Hubert Schiffer marking H.S. Impressed mark #44 on base of a 'Schnelle'.

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