Leopold Jacob Gerz

Leopold Jakob Gerz
Schützenstraße 6 & 12, Höhr, Hesse-Nassau, Prussia. (now Höhr-Grenzhausen, Rhineland-Palatinate).
Steinzeugfabrik / Stoneware manufacturer.
Founded in 1874 by Leopold Jacob Gerz. His product range consisted of items for the pharmaceutical industry, tableware, ashtrays, but above all beer steins. Leopold married Rosalie Gelhard and they had two children, Alexander, and Anna Maria who married Karl Peter Gilles. After Leopold died, his widow Rosalie Gerz was registered in 1906 as the new owner in the Register of Companies. After the death of Rosalie Gerz on the 28th November 1927, their son Alexander inherited the business. After his death the company was transformed into a commercial distribution company with effect to 20th June 1948. Sole heiress of Alexander Gerz was his sister Anna Maria Gilles, née. Gerz, who with Werner Alexander Gilles became partners in the company. 1960 saw their deletion from the Register of Companies since they had ceased trading.
Reference: Mysteincollection
Leopold Jakob Gerz 1Leopold Gerz produced a range of steins. Above is a small selection of what can be seen in his catalogue, issued circa 1900. The full catalogue can be seen in the Reading Room section at Stein Collectors International

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