K. Schönbach

K. Schönbach
Prague, Bohemia, Austro-Hungarian Empire (now Czech Republic)
Known dates:
Purchased steins from:
Schonbach 2Impressed mark on featured stein.  
Schonbach 1Bohemian Brewing Company established at 680-706 Blue Island Ave. Chicago, Illinois, in 1891 Renamed the Atlas Brewing Company in 1896 Renamed the Atlas Beverage Co. in 1920 Reopened as the Atlas Brewing Company in 1933 Merged with the Schoenhoffen-Edelweiss Brewing Company in 1944 Purchased by Drewrys Ltd. of Indiana in 1951 also known as the Schoenhoffen-Edelweiss Brewing Company, between 1954-1962. Closed in 1962.  

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