Ceramarte Ltda.
Rua Adolfo Konder 70, Rio Negrinho, Santa Catarina, Brazil
The company founders, Klaus and Maria Erdmuthe Schumacher settled in Rio Negrinho in 1952 and by 1956 had started a small ceramic's company, with the emphasis on quality products. By the 1970's they had built up a lucrative market in the United States through various brewing companies. A new phase began in 1998 when "Ceraflame" cookware was introduced. Ceramarte is probably the largest contract supplier of promotional brewery and special commemoration steins still in existence. Hundreds of different promotional stein designs have been ordered for the following companies: Avon, Budweiser, Anheuser-Busch, Stroh, WEBCO, Schiltz, Hamm's, Disney, Coca Cola and others.
Ceramarte  The Stein Site

Ceramarte 4Original Bud Man (CS1) Base, from featured stein on right.Ceramarte 9Base of a Budweiser stein.Clydesdale Holiday series ~ 1983Ceramarte 330th anniversary Bud Man (CS401) base, from featured stein on right..Ceramarte Ltda. 11-8-23-1Made for the German importer Kössinger Fruehaufstraße 21, Schierling. nr. Regensburg, Bavaria.
Ceramarte 2Original Bud Man. CS1 - 1975.Ceramarte 130th anniversary Bud Man. CS401 - 1999*.*N.B. There have been four Bud Men steins to date. Bud Man IV issued for the 30th anniversary, followed only twenty four years after the issue of Bud Man I.
Ceramarte 10Hamm's Brewing stein base. Octoberfest 1973.Ceramarte 8Base of a Schiltz stein. 125th Anniversary series ~ 1974.Ceramarte 7Base of a Stroh Brewery stein. IV in Heritage series ~ 1987Ceramarte 6Generic ink stamp plus aluminised label.

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