Pope Gosser

Pope Gosser (Coshocton China Company) (Clarus Ware)

329 North Fifteenth Street, Coshocton, Ohio, United States.

Hersteller / Manufacturer

Bentley Pope, was trained by some of the best potteries in England. He immigrated to the United States in the late 19th century and was employed as manager at various potteries. In order to start his own pottery company he formed a partnership with jeweller Charles F. Gosser, to found the Pope-Gosser China Company, in a small factory, in 1902, with Pope as president, and Gosser as Secretary/Treasurer. The goods were identified by a double ring with wings plus the identification CLARUS WARE. The company successfully expanded its operation with a larger factory, but during the difficult times of 1929 they merged with seven other companies to form the American Chinaware Corporation, which subsequently filed for bankruptcy in 1932. In 1933, William Pope purchased back the company, and teamed up with Judge and Curtis Lyons to sell the shares to the Coshocton area residents in order to resurrect the business. The product range was limited to two styles to reduce production costs. Pope-Gosser survived the war years, but struggled to remain competitive in post-war America.  Due to the limited demand for china at this time, employees often worked only one and a half days a week, which was preferable to being laid off. When company President  William Pope died in 1948, his death further weakened the struggling company. On May 3, 1958, citing the increasing cost of operation and the pressure of imports, particularly from Japan, the company declared bankruptcy, releasing the last of its one hundred and fifty employees and closing its doors.

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