Lindnerporzellan K.G. 

Frankenring 20, Bamberger Straße 9, Küps, Bavaria.

Hersteller / Manufacturer

Known dates:1928 - 2018??.

The company was founded by Ernst Lindner who had trained at Porzellanfabrik Edelstein. In 1928 he left to start his own business, initially selling "seconds" from Porzellanfabrik Edelstein. In 1933 he started introducing his own porcelain production, initially only smaller pieces, such as broaches etc. In 1950, Ernst's son, Dr Hans Lindner joined the company in charge of sales, but he was killed in a car crash in 1977. Meanwhile his brother, Louis had joined in 1951. With a ready supply of skilled workers coming over the East German border, only six miles away, they managed to maintain a wide range of dinner services based on Saxon & Thuringien styles. Werner Gossel took over as Commercial Director in 1979 and the Gossel family instigated a management buy-out in 1990, with Walter Gossel in charge of production. In 2000 the company purchased many of the assets of the Gerold Porcelain factory Tettau. In 2009 they saved about 250 moulds from the company Royal Küps. The company is now owned by Rüdiger Wachter. Whilst the company produces its own porcelain, a large proportion of their sales consists of other company's production. It is unknown if they are still in business, since their website has disappeared.

Reference: Lindnerporzellan  Porcelain Marks & More  Wikipedia
Lindnerporzellan 1
Lindnerporzellan 2Ink stamp and handwritten marks on base of elephant stein, dated 1949 - 1990.
Lindnerporzellan K.G. 18-4-1-2Porcelain Raccoon stein
Lindnerporzellan K.G. 18-4-1-1 Ink stamp and handwritten marks on  base of Raccoon stein, dated 1990 - 2018??.
Lindnerporzellan K.G. 21-01-3-2"Dino" Stein in porcelain.
Lindnerporzellan K.G. 21-01-3-1 Mark on the "Dino" stein.

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