Toni Aron

Toni Aron
Essegg, Austro-Hungary (now Osijek, Croatia) ● Munich, Bavaria ● Dresden and Leipzig, Saxony.
Künstler / Artist
 Toni Aron was born in Essegg, in 1859. He studied at the Hungarian University of Fine Arts in Andrássy Avenue, Budapest, between 1877 and 1878 and then received a Government Scholarship to study at the Royal Academy of Art in Schwabing, Munich between 1881- 1883. In his early professional days he often visited the Herzoglich Bayerische Brauhaus at Tegernsee, Bavaria. It was here that he created a mural in 1885, which still exists today, in order to cover his bar bill. He lived and worked as a portrait painter most of his life in Germany, starting in Munich, but moving on to Dresden and Leipzig. His subjects included royalty and high society. His portrait of Friedrich August III, the last King of Saxony, was completed in 1912. He died in Leipzig, in 1920.
Supplied decoration designs for: Brüder Thannhauser
Bräustüberl Zeitung  Munich Address Books

Toni Aron 16-3-27-1 This advert is from a Munich newspaper dated 1887. "d'Loni war a net ohni!" Newest, finely painted stoneware stein.  Low form with "Old German" fittings, Marks 3.50  Tall form with ornate fittings, Marks 6.0  as shown in the adjacent drawing, solid execution!  Shipped by cash on delivery. Packaging  free. Brüder Thannhauser, München, Rosenthal 16.
Toni Aron 1The two dogs, Schnick and Schnack  fill the central tableau of the stein, which was decorated to celebrate the Münchener Hunde Ausstellung in 1895.
Toni Aron 3 Artist's signature, below the handle on the featured stein, (immediately above).
Toni Aron 16-3-27-2 The original illustration, which was reproduced on the Thannhauser stein (top left) Bavarian: "d'Loni war a net ohni!" High German: "Die Hannelore wäre auch nicht ohne".  English: "The Hannelore will not be denied!". or, "The woman always gets her own way!"
Toni Aron 2 Side view of the featured stein, (immediately left).
Toni Aron 5  Base marking on the featured stein, (as immediately above and left), showing its humble Merkelbach & Wick origins.
Toni Aron 16-3-27-3Magnification of the artist's signature on the illustration (centre, left)
Toni Aron 4 Toni Aron's most famous painting "Schöne Coletta, Bierkellnerin in Bürgerlichem Bräuhaus München" (Beautiful Coletta, beer waitress in the Civic Bräuhaus, Munich) painted in 1890, is to be found in Munich's City Museum. This is the same Coletta Möritz, who was born 19th September 1860 in Ebenried bei Pöttmes, near Augsburg. Friedrich August von Kaulbach (b.1850-d.1920) captured her in his 1878 painting entitled "Schützenliesl" or Target Girl, when she was employed as a waitress for the Sterneckerbräuerei. The painting was then made famous as a pub sign in 1881, for the seventh "Deutschen Bundesschießen" (German National Shooting Competition). Coletta had two husbands. The first she married in 1882, Franz Xaver Buchner, from Schwabing, with whom she had twelve children, eventually jointly owned several restaurants, before he died in 1910. Later, her second husband, Max Joachim, a retired postal worker died after three years of marriage. She lived at Schöttlstraße in Sendling, before eventually passing away on the 30th November 1953, aged 93.

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