Ganter & Co. / Ganter Sibler & Co.

Ganter Sibler & Co. / Ganter & Co. vormals Ganter Sibler & Co.

Weinplatz-Strehlgasse, Zürich. Switzerland.
Hauseinrichtungsgegenstände Speicher 
/ Home furnishing store
Known dates: Became Ganter & Co in 1898. closed around 1930's?
Purchased stein bodies from: ?

Ganter Sibler & Co. 19-7-6-3Good example of a Swiss Government issued capacity mark.
Ganter Sibler & Co. / Ganter & Co. vormals Ganter Sibler & Co. 12-7-31-1 "Brauerei zum Münchner Kindl" with a picture of the "Schützenliesl" (popularly called the "Target Lady") depicted in the centre.
Ganter Sibler & Co. / Ganter & Co. vormals Ganter Sibler & Co.12-7-31-3 Patent No. 46305 on featured  "Brauerei zum Münchner Kindl" lid.
Ganter Sibler & Co. 19-7-6-1Dimpled Sachsenglas stein with cast crown on the base and a pewter lid, marked Ganter & Co. (Dated 1905, due to bicentenary?)
Ganter Sibler & Co. 19-7-6-2  Cast mark on the underside of the lid on the  Kochelbrau Munchen glass stein above.
Ganter Sibler & Co. / Ganter & Co. vorm. Ganter Sibler & Co.02 "Brauerei zum Münchner Kindl"  Cast mark on pewter, dated 1932.
Ganter Sibler & Co. 19-7-6-4Kochelbrau Munchen lid as installed on the featured glass stein. It has a cast Ganter and Co. mark on the underside. However Merkelbach & Wick manufactured steins have been seen with this lid manufactured by Ludwig Mory.
Ganter Sibler & Co. 19-7-6-5An identical "Der Schmied von Kochel" lid  to the lid above. It is the author's opinion that  this pewter was all manufactured by L. Mory.
Ganter Sibler & Co. / Ganter & Co. vormals Ganter Sibler & Co. 03 Advertising poster, dated c.1917 by Mangold Burkhard.

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