J.C. Develey

J.C. Develey A.G. (G.m.b.H.)

Landwehrstraße 8, Laden Kaufingergstraße 24, Munich, Bavaria.

Senf-Fabrik und Lebensmittel / Mustard maker and groceries wholesaler
Founder was Johann Conrad Develey. Known dates: 1854 - Current date
Purchased steins from: Marzi & Remy

References: Capacity Marks  Develey Adressbuch München 1874

J C Develey 2Base of featured stein, Bavarian mustard.  
J C Develey J.C. Develey mustard labels.
J C Devely 1 Sales promotion piece, manufactured by Marzi & Remy. The stein depicts "Turnvater Jahn", the father of German gymnastics. His motto (and the 4F symbol seen beneath the portrait)  "Frisch, Fromm, Fröhlich, Frei" ("Hardy, Pious, Cheerful, Free") is often seen on steins.
J C Develey 5Marzi & Remy capacity mark.
J C Develey 3A one thousand German mark, share certificate in the J.C. Develey A.G (Aktiengesellschaft), dated 13th August 1923.

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