212 Fifth Avenue, New York City, New York State, United States.
Known dates: 1953 - 2001
Purchased steins from: Japan  / Taiwan
Reference: Porcelain Marks & More
Arnart 5Ink stamp Crossed Arrows in conjunction with faint impressed KW/G-Star mark.
Arnart 3Good example of the impressed KW/G-Star mark.  
ArnartJapanese or Taiwanese produced stein.
Arnart 2The "Original Arnart Creation" shown in conjunction with the painted Crossed Arrows and the impressed KW/G-Star marks, on the featured stein. 
Arnart 15-3-12-1This shank to handle lid fitting is indicative of this stein supplier.
Arnart 4 This Star/KMP mark is reported as also being seen in conjunction with the "Original Arnart Creation" label.

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