Meriden Britannia Co.

Meriden Britannia Co.

 Meriden, Connecticut, United States
Silberschmeid / Silversmith

The business was organized in 1852 by Horace C. and Dennis C. Wilcox who were marketing under the name of H.C. Wilcox & Co. Britanniaware was produced by several small factories in Meriden. By 1855 Meriden Britannia Co. supplied Britannia, Albata and German silver ware, both plated and unplated, to many other firms.
In 1862 Meriden Britannia Co. bought the hollowware division, tools and dies of Rogers Brothers Mfg. Co. (incorporating Rogers, Smith & Co.) The production of the '1847 Rogers Bros' line continued under the direction of William Rogers and in 1865 the plating shop was transferred from New Haven to Meriden and merged with Meriden Britannia Co. in 1866. Rogers, Smith & Co. ceased to exist as a separate firm and was used as a trademark of Meriden Britannia Co.
In 1895 Meriden Britannia Co bought Wilcox & Everton of New York, beginning the manufacture of a quality line of sterling silver hollowware. This production was soon transferred to Meriden and continued also when the firm became part of International Silver Company. In 1902 salesrooms were active in New York (n. 550 Broadway), Meriden, San Francisco (134 Sutter Street), Chicago (154 State Street) and London (with Hamilton Ontario and Paris quoted in an 1891 advertisement). Meriden Britannia Co Ltd, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada (founded 1879) was a subsidiary of Meriden Britannia Co. of Meriden, Connecticut. It produced 1847 Rogers Bros. silverplate, sterling silver flatware, silverplated nickel silver and white metal hollowware.
In 1924 International Silver Company incorporated International Silver Company of Canada, Ltd with its Canadian subsidiaries Meriden Britannia Co Ltd (Hamilton, Ontario), Standard Silver Co of Toronto Ltd (Toronto, Ontario) and William Rogers Manufacturing Company Ltd (Niagara Falls, Ontario). The company is still trading today.

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Meriden Britannia Co 2Close up of Silver plated "Gambrinus on a chair".
Meriden Britannia 3  Meriden "B" for Britannia Co. mark. 110 is the lid style and "quadruple plate" being the number of times it was silver dipped.
Meriden Britannia Co. 1 Silver plated "Gambrinus on a chair" lid, on a Simon Peter Gerz I #238B. There is some controversy as to whether this lid is original to this stein, or whether it was originally fitted to a matching silver plated Britannia metal stein. See Steve on Steins.
Meriden Britannia 4Rear view showing details of the hinge and lid attachment
Meriden britannia Co 5Stein base showing mould number and base of handle.

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