T. Bohmer

J. & T. Böhmer
Blasewitzerstraße 14d, Dresden, Saxony.
Zinngießerei / Pewterer.
The Böhmer family produced many pewterers and Master Pewterers over the years. 
The Dresden address book lists the following family members:  
Johann Paul Böhmer Zinngießermeister,  See, am (Seethorvorst/Hinterseer Gem.) 493a. 1797
Johann Paul Böhmer Zinngießermeister,  Schloßgasse 336. 1797
Adolf Paul Böhmer Zinngießer, gross Kirchgasse 512. 1831
W.Th.P. Böhmer, Zinngießermeister, Scheffelgasse 25, 1868
In 1874 the family held the title of Königlicher Hoflieferant, almost certainly Albert, King of Saxony, 1873 - 1902. 
Known dates: circa 1733 - 1943.
Purchased stein bodies from:Sachsenglas?
Reference: Dresden Addressbook  Zinnfiguren   Saxony Address books

T. Böhmer 16-12-22-3Lid on featured pewter stein (right),  showing decorated porcelain insert. 
T. Bohmer 2 Lid on featured pewter stein (right), showing decorated porcelain insert.
T. Böhmer 16-12-22-2`  Pressed glass stein, dated 1894 - 1904 possibly by Sachsenglas.
T. Bohmer 1        Pressed glass stein, dated 1870 - 1887                  possibly by Sachsenglas.
T. Böhmer 16-12-22-1Pewterer's touchmark on underside of  lid of featured stein (left). Dated 1894 - 1904
T. Bohmer 3 Pewterer's touchmark on underside of lid of featured stein (left). Dated 1870 - 1887

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