Dieges and Clust

Dieges and Clust

20, John Street, New York City, New York, United States.


Dieges & Clust were jewellers established in 1898 by Col. Charles J. Dieges (b. Oct. 26, 1865-d. Sept. 14, 1953) and Prosper Clust.
They produced a range of medals, broaches and medallions. It is not known when they ceased trading.

Purchased steins from: Manning Bowman

Reference: Wikipedia

Dieges and Clust 1 Manning Bowman Tankard with the basemark of  Dieges & Clust, 20 John Street, New York.
Dieges and Clust 14-10-11-1Touchmark on inside of  base rim of featured stein right..
Dieges & Clust 2 Maker's name on the back of a medal
Dieges and Clust 14-10-11-2 Manning Bowman with lid hinge assembly, typical on the marque. This stein was a prize with the inscription showing it was dedicated for a Boston Militia shooting competition in 1914. The Boston Militia originated from the first militia, mustered in 1629, in Salem, Massachusetts, by Captain John Endicott. It was based on two corps: The first being made up of the sons of the well to do, with the second, consisting of the artisan classes. It went on to form part of the National Guard.

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