Jacobi, Adler & Co.

Jacobi, Adler & Co.

Neuleiningen, Rhineland Palatinate.

Hersteller / Manufacturer

Known dates: 1874 - 1932

Known mainly for their glazed slip pipes.

References: Tell the story  Pipeacademy

Jacobi, Adler & Co. 16-2-15-1"An unseren Bruder Wolfgang Schottenhammel zum Namenstag 1893" (To our brother Wolfgang Schottenhammel on his name's day 1893)
Jacobi, Adler & Co. 26-5-14-1 This base mark was found on the bottom of a replica of a lidded 1/4 litre Villeroy & Boch - Mettlach #1526. Note the starburst impressed mark.
jacobi, Adler & Co. 16-2-15-2Basemark on featured stein, left.
Jacobi Adler 1The Rheinpfalz (Rhineland Palatinate) is a wine region in Germany. When a good wine is produced here, it also makes the grape lice (phylloxera vastatrix) happy.   " Fröhlich Pfalz Gott erhalts!   Wenn Rebensaft stets wäre edler wein möcht mancher selbst gern eine Reblaus sein".  " A happy Palatinate God preserves!   When grape juice always becomes noble wine, might many a grape louse be self content".  
Jacobi, Adler & Co. 16-2-15-3View of lid on featured stein, left.
Jacobi Adler 2Basemark on featured stein immediately left.

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