Paul Vogt Keramik

Paul Vogt Keramik

Panger Töpferweg 27, Rosenheim, Bavaria

Paul Vogt was an established potter in Naumburg (now renamed Nowogrodziec) nr. Bunzlau  (now renamed Boleslawiec). Lower Silesia, Free State of Prussia (now part of Poland). In 1945 those of German nationality were forcibly  expelled from German occupied Silesia and other areas, to become refugees. Vogt settled in Pang, nr. Rosenheim, Bavaria. Here he started his new business, which is still in operation today.

References:   Bunzlau


Paul Vogt 2Basemarkings on the featured reproduction faience stein
Paul Vogt 1Reproduction faience stein with pewter lid
Paul Vogt 4Other Paul Vogt signatures
Paul Vogt 3 Other Paul Vogt signatures

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