Bunzlauer Keramik Heise (Inhaber Werner Heise)

Dorfstra├če 7, Hansestadt Havelberg, Originally in the state of Brandenburg - but in Saxony-Anhalt since 1990.

 (Heise Original Bunzlauer Saxonia Feinsteinzeug Manufaktur OHG)

S├╝dstrasse 10-14, Neukirch/Lausitz, Saxony

The then current generation of potters who produced the Prussian pottery style of Bunzlau, (in the town of which has now renamed Bolesławiec), mainly emigrated westward in 1945, out of that part of Silesia, which is now part of south west Poland. However the company of Heise was founded in Havelberg, in 1919 by Irena and Werner Heise. They produced over 250 forms of Bunzlauer style pottery, with more than 50 sponge decorated patterns, which were produced on a small scale from 1958, and subsequently on a larger scale from 1975.
Production of Heise original Bunzlau ceramics has been adopted by, Saxonia Porcelain Manufactory OHG, in Neukirch/Lausitz, Saxony, who were one of the first companies in the area, to introduce a potters wheel powered by an electric motor
Reference: Bunzlauer Keramik Heise

Heise 1

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