Berliner Metallwarenfabrik H. A. Jürst & Co.

Friedrichstraße 64, Berlin, Prussia (now the Federal City State of Berlin).
Gold- und Silberschmied / Goldsmiths and Silversmith
Konigliche Hoflieferanten / Court supplier to the Kaiser
Known dates: Founded November 27th 1847. Became part of Franconia, January 25th 1925.
Produced both solid and plated items, including cutlery and other tableware, as well as buttons.
Purchased stein bodies from:
925-1000  Berliner Adressbücher  Berlin Postcodes

Jurst 2Silver plated stein lid on Sachsenglas? dimpled glass tankard, showing position of the maker's mark.
Jurst 1Silver plated stein lid on Sachsenglas? dimpled glass tankard.
Jurst 3Magnification of maker's mark, as shown on the shank of the lid assembly, shown left.
Jurst 4Back & front view of a silver button

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