J.C.L. Harms

J.C.L. Harms
Admiralitätstraße 69-70, Hamburg, (Freie und Hansestadt Hamburg / Free & Hanseatic City of Hamburg)
Keramikwarenhandel. / Ceramic's Retailers.
Johann Carl Ludwig Harms (b.1812) company was known to be trading between 1879 to circa 1914.
Purchased stein bodies from: 
Hamburger Adressbücher
Harms 31/2 litre stein depicting XVI.Deutsche Federal Shooting Competition. Hamburg 1909. The lid shows the Town Hall. 
J.C.L. Harms 15-3-3-1 On the base of the above stein is the  ink stamp of J.C.L.Harms, Hamburg.
Harms 6Publicity adhesive stamp for J.C.L. Harms
J.C.L. Harms 15-3-3-3Plaque advertising the areas of operation of J.C.L. Harms. In the centre of the tableau, there is their name and address together with their product ranges: Porzellan, Steingut, Majolika, Cristall, Glas. Porcelain- Malerei. The outer segments show the various departments inside the shop, which included a glass blowing department.
J.C.L. Harms 15-3-3-2 The advertising piece above, is backstamped by the manufacturer Franz Anton Mehlem.
Harms 4Elbschloss-Brauerei Nienstedten founded in 1881 and operated through to 1997.
Harms 2Basemark of the brewery stein, immediately above.

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