Nesselsdorfer Thonwarenfabrik Adolf Raschka

Nesselsdorfer Thonwarenfabrik Adolf Raschka
Nesselsdorf, in the Moravian-Silesian area of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, which became part of the German Sudetenland
and now known as Kopřivnice in the
 Czech Republic
Hersteller / Manufacturer
Adolf Raschka (b.1825 - d. 1878) ran a ceramic's manufactury which closed in 1899. The Rascha family was tied together by marriage with the Schustala family which had prospered on manufacturing initially coaches and wagons for the road and then the railway. Their company ended up renamed for producing Tatra cars
Ref: Adolf Raschka
Raschka 1Nesselsdorfer Thonwarenfabrik Adolf Raschka #37. Dated circa 1890.
Raschka 2Basemark on featured stein

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