sm. Jaeger & Co

Porzellanfabrik (Marktredwitz) Jaeger & Co. (Inhaber F. Jaeger)(G.m.b.H)
Marktredwitz, Bavaria.
Porzellan-fabrik und Malerei / Porcelain manufacturer and decorator.
The company was founded in 1872, by Messrs Jaeger and Thomas, as a decorating company, but was soon producing a wide range of tableware, coffee & tea services and giftware. However due to differences of opinion, Thomas left in 1898, to form his own company in partnership with one Herr Ens, in 1903. The company of Porzellanfabrik Marktredwitz, Jaeger & Co. was formed by Fritz Jaeger in 1898 and traded under this name until 1979. They reached their peak in the 1930, employing some 500 workers, which included the decorators who had their own studio in Munich. In 1979 the company was sold to the Sebring Co. of Bari, Italy. No subsequent investment was made and this company closed its doors in 1986.
Reference: Porcelain Marks and More
Fritz Jaeger 31898 - 1923 basemark on featured stein, with Germany export mark and presumably decorators initials.
Fritz Jaeger 1Ubiquitous Brown Friar, more often found in United States potteries. Was this tankard made in Germany and decorated in the U.S?
Fritz Jaeger 2Note elaborate, but heavy handed application of gilt paint on rim and dragon handle.

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